Sunday, May 28, 2017

really sorry to stop posting Consequences.

HI, sorry about this. I have been busy of late dealing with the closing of Corvallis Press and reclaiming the rights to my books and battling Amazon about putting them up under my name. Hopefully that will be fixed by the end of this month and all 10 books will be available.

IN other news, my agent gave me an urgent call demanding Uncle Burnside be finished and polished ASAP.

Never mind why I'll tell you all if there is good news.

so, realizing I am interrupting your viewing pleasure, I shall resume posting Brunside by Wednesday.

Dee out.


  1. I hope everything gets resolved with the book rights, sorry for your troubles. I had a couple of preorders cancelled by Amazone for that reason­čśö

  2. So much happening. I'll miss this story but have always been intrigued by the Uncle Burnside one so that will be good. Waiting for the issue of Dawn (my pre-order was cancelled too). My heart is still with Teresa and Ranault. I keep thinking about them! Nothing like worrying about imaginary people.

  3. i'm kinda curious about all those guys and gals myself... then again, I don't know if Uncle burnside and Adira will be good enough and .... arrggghhh////
    back to the salt mines

  4. I hope everything turns out ok. That does explain some things though. I'll be pre-ordering things again, when if it gets resolved. Best wishes!

  5. Sorry I'm not much for keeping up with my family on Facebook, never mind blogs! I do love your books so I check Amazon occasionally. Imagine my surprise when a new book pops up "Dawn of Autumn Light". I've downloaded and read it and loved the new story line although it could do with a bit of polishing (although not much). It's since disappeared, I assume related to your problems with Amazon.
    I started reading Consequences book 3 from the blog here, but stopped because I really want to enjoy the book in its final form as the first 2 are favorites, rather than in tidbits.
    Please finish and publish that one as I would hate to have to come to NJ and beat you with another brick, I imagine the escape from the pod was traumatic enough!

  6. I hope Dawn of autumn light comes back fast on amazon, I read it on the blog but I look forward to get it. I love all your books dearly.I am ending the Supers'book now. I fee like one of the others above, worried about Teresa and Ranault, they so much deserve a happy ending. Wish your books were made into movies, they are so great lecture and enjoyable.

  7. I have purposely stayed away from your blog for a while because once I start reading one of your stories I tend to get obsessive and I've already read all your books that are available on Amazon. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles and hope everything gets resolved soon. I will now go and gorge myself on all the posts I missed while on my self imposed hiatus. Thanks again for sharing your crazily wonderful mind and talent with us.

  8. And I caught up way too soon...